Extended Range Bridgeless PFC Converter With High-Voltage DC Bus and Small Inductor

Utility power lines voltage levels vary in different geographical locations, ranging from 208 to 480 V rms . Power factor correction (PFC) converters are typically designed for a particular input voltage and do not accept a wide range of line voltages. This results in multiple product designs and revisions and increased production costs to accommodate the various ac voltage levels used around the world. A PFC converter capable of coping with a wide input voltage range, from 90 V rms up to 530 V rms , would significantly decrease costs and streamline development. In this article, an extended input voltage range PFC converter is proposed, which provides a high and almost flat efficiency curve throughout the entire operating voltage range with an 800 VDC bus voltage. The proposed converter has a flexible bridgeless structure with simple control, low-current ripples, low common mode noise, and startup inrush current handling capabilities. Theoretical analysis and waveforms are discussed and experimental results for a 2-kW prototype are given, thereby validating the expected behavior. The operation of the proposed extended input voltage range PFC converter is also compared to the traditional totem-pole PFC showing more than 1% efficiency improvements at full load and a higher power factor in the proposed design.

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