Zero-Voltage-Switching Single-Phase Full-Bridge Inverter With Active Power Decoupling

Single-phase zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) inverter with wide bandgap devices has higher efficiency and power density. However, the dc-side capacitor of the inverter will suffer double line frequency ripple and reduces the lifetime of the dc bus capacitor. Active power decoupling (APD) is an effective method to replace the short lifetime electrolytic capacitor with a smaller film capacitor. In order to help achieving the ZVS condition for ZVS inverter and the additional APD circuit, this article presents a ZVS topology for single-phase full-bridge inverter with APD circuit by adding an auxiliary branch between the dc source and the bridge legs. The auxiliary branch is composed of a clamping capacitor, an auxiliary switch, and a resonant inductor. A ZVS pulsewidth modulation scheme is proposed for a single-phase inverter with APD. The gate drive pulses are designed to realize the ZVS turn-on for the main switches of both APD circuit and single-phase full-bridge inverter. Circuit operation stages are analyzed and ZVS conditions are given. Finally, the proposed ZVS inverter with APD circuit is verified on a 1.5-kW inverter prototype.

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