Editorial 2021: Forward Together

During a year when the only thing most of us seemed able to plan on were our plans changing, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS (TPEL) has continued without pause. Authors, reviewers, and editors have all pushed forward. While we all did our best to work from home, we submitted papers, we completed reviews, we made decisions; we posted and published; we read and learned. When everything came to a halt, we moved forward together.
As of July 2020, when we are writing this Editorial, our submissions have continued on their upward trajectory—particularly our Letters. While labs have been closed in many places around the world, authors have found time to write up their research and polish papers for publication. On the review end, we are working hard along with our volunteer reviewers and editors to keep things on course while we all adapt to different working conditions and schedules. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of everyone involved, our average review time in 2020 has dropped over five days: no small matter.

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